Carpanelli - furniture

Carpanelli has been an exclusive craftsmen's workshop since 1919.
The sense of the proposals Carpanelli has been devising for over 80 years is all here in the deep meaning of the terms.
Because back in those years the firm's founder Giuseppe Carpanelli, a well-known cabinet maker of his times, created and produced in his workshop unique, unmistakable pieces which have traced a path down to today's products. And it is from the heart and sensitiveness of an artist like Professor Leopoldo Carpanelli that every piece of our production is created.
He takes his ideas from nature, from his studies and his love of art which he then transforms into a project.
Thus he is the author of an exclusive, unique work of art which will create a fashion: the torch bearer of the firm's future, the architect Giuseppe Carpanelli is now enthusiastically starting his collaboration with this "school of talent". All the pieces coming out of our "Workshop" - a splendid term, so often misused, and yet so genuine and redolent of "hard work" - have our trademark carved into their souls: a signature which is not only an identification mark but is also an authentic final decoration.

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